Analysing Works of Hyperfiction


Analysing Works of Hyperfiction


In undertaking an examination of the special affordances to writing that hyperfiction allows, an overview of the development of hyperfiction through the study of central hypertexts would prove very valuable. These texts signalled in the new writing form, and in their interactive capabilities, as well as non-linearity and multi-perspectives, represent a challenge to the sequentiality of printed text. The hypertext titles under examination are Afternoon: a story by Michael Joyce,[1]Patchwork Girl by Shelley Jackson,[2] and Victory Garden by Stuart Moulthrop.[3] Surveying the development of hyperfiction narrative techniques through these hypertexts, helped to inform what shape my hyperfiction would eventually take.

These hyperfiction works are different from the proto-hyperfiction examined in the previous chapter in that they are born-digital. This means that the same narrative is not fully reproducible in another medium, such as printed text. An important rubric throughout this chapter…

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