Foucault, crime and prisons – on film and online

Progressive Geographies

I’ve previously shared a list of audio and video recordings of Foucault, and I won’t repeat things here. But there are a few pieces of documentary evidence about Foucault’s work and crime and prisons which are full-length films.

The best-known is probably René Allio’s Moi, Pierre Rivière, based on the book, and released in 1976. There is a version from Artificial Eye with English subtitles.

There was also another film, Je suis Pierre Rivière, directed by Christine Lipinska from the same year, though I’ve never seen this and am unable to track down a copy. If anyone can help, please let me know.

There is a recent film which I’ve mentioned here before, Sur les toitsdirected by Nicolas Drolc. This looks at the prison riots in 1971-72 in France, and contains documentary footage of Foucault, as well as contemporary interviews with people including Daniel Defert and Serge…

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