Chris Beausang – Aspic

The Galway Review

oa_asve9Chris Beausang was born, and continues to live, in Dublin. He is a PhD student in NUI Maynooth carrying out research on modernist aesthetics and its resurgence within the novels of contemporary authors Anne Enright, Will Self and Eimear McBride. He has written dissertations on Roddy Doyle and Samuel Beckett. He is currently working on his first novel, an excerpt from which has been published in Gorse. He has also had short fiction published in The City Quill and The Behemyth.


The sun rises, and extends its light over the green stone set in its grey sea. Over the vales, appearing silken from a height. Over the roads, set in the patchwork landscape like threads parting the compliant fields, bounded by hedgerows that trace the roadsides’ gentle vectors, as if their vires were wound in collaboration. Over all this, the sun moves, like the coverlet of some fabled saint…

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