I am a person who is PhD’ing in NUI Maynooth, using the open-source statistical programming language R to perform operations on large textual corpora in order to situate the novelists Anne Enright and Eimear McBride in a more nuanced and informed way to early to mid-twentieth century modernism. My interest in the topic is based on the fact that I find too many people describe Enright and McBride as being influenced solely by Joyce or Beckett, which is fine, and probably not inaccurate, but it gets tedious, and I think there’s a lot of mileage yet to be gotten out of investigating their indebtedness to Stein, Mansfield or Woolf; we don’t necessarily have to attribute everything interesting in Irish letters to Irish men.

Because of the above, my job and my attempts to make up stories too, posts here are intermittent, and since I read a fair bit of non-fiction on subjects I don’t tend to be informed on, I tend not to sound off on such things.

I put up things I write sometimes. I mean fiction things, but generally just fledgling yokes, because I of course sell my best work to prestigious publishers for loads $$$.

Be the change that you want to see in the word.

-Chris Beausang


2014-The Unceasing Present


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